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Em 2019 will mark the first Marillion Weekend happening in Portugal, namely in Aula Magna, Lisbon, from May the 31st to June the 2nd.

It's Marillion's return to Portugal, after 2010's concert in Lousada, in a special three-day event, consisting of three concerts on consecutive evenings, in an international fans convention that has been happening since 2002, bringing together fans and band.

The Web Portugal is helping to put the event together, and will be happy to try to reply to everyone's questions.

Venue, dates and prices
- Venue: Aula Magna da Reitoria da Universidade de Lisboa, Alameda da Universidade. 1649-004 Lisboa.

- Dates: 31st May to 2nd June 2019

- Prices: €125 Reserved Seating (Stalls / Doutorais) / €110 Reserved Seating on the balcony.

Tickets will be available July 9th. A link to buy tickets will be published here.

There are only three-day tickets (for the whole event), allowing access to the three evenings of Marillion concerts and other support bands.

To be announced.

Official websites
Complete information about the Marillion Weekends can be found in the official website:

Venue website


Other useful information
Metro network

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
So, what's the weather like in Lisbon, in May/June?

You're in for a treat, as it should be sunny and hot! Expect temperatures around 30C, sunrise at 6am, sunset at 9pm… and Lisbon's unique light and charms!

How expensive is Lisbon?

That will greatly depend on how much you're willing to spend, of course. Here are a few typical prices, for your reference:
- one-way ticket for the shuttle bus from the airport to the city centre: €4,00;
- one-way ticket for the underground: €1,45 (plus €0,50 for the reusable travel card);
- all-day travel card (valid for buses, trams and the underground): €6,30 (plus €0,50 for the reusable card);
- tap beer (1/2 pint): €1,90;
- fast-food meal: a Big Mac, for instance, is €4,90;
- main course + soft drink + dessert at a regular, no-nonsense restaurant: €10-€18 .

How do I get there?

Lisbon is served by one airport only, which is located within the city's perimeter. All transportation options - taxis, buses, the airport shuttle and the underground (aka 'Metro'; the station is right outside terminal 1) - will take you to your destination in 30 minutes or less.

What's the venue like?

Aula Magna, one of the most prestigious venues in Lisbon, is an all-seated auditorium with an official capacity of approx. 1600 people. Located in a campus. it is part of the University of Lisbon and for decades it has held hundreds of artistic, scientific and academic events. Many concerts have taken place there and Marillion themselves played at the Aula Magna in 2007 on the Somewhere Else tour.

Are there any hotels nearby?

The closest four or five hotels are a 20-minute walk from the venue. A couple of them can be reached using the underground (one stop: Entre Campos). Two, three and four stops away (along Avenida da República and Avenida Fontes Pereira de Melo) you will find quite a few more.

If you'd rather be near the main tourist attractions, you might want to choose the more traditional downtown area (Baixa-Chiado, Avenida da Liberdade, Rossio, Restauradores) or the modern setting of Parque das Nações / Expo / Gare do Oriente (by the river and close to the airport).

The Web Portugal will be negotiating a special deal for those fans who'd like to stay together in the same hotel(s) and feel the Marillion vibe throughout the weekend. Stay tuned!

How can I get to the venue?

There's an underground station right next to the Aula Magna: Cidade Universitária, on the yellow line. The 'Metro' runs until 1am.

There are also plenty of buses (731, 732, 735, 738, 768) but bear in mind that traffic may be particularly slow on Friday afternoon / early evening. You should be fine on Saturday and Sunday, though.

If you choose to drive, there are quite a few car parks around the venue. Nearly all of them are free after 7pm and on weekends.

So where can we meet and hang out pre-gigs?

You won't really find suitable places too close to the venue, which is why The Web Portugal will be setting up a "Fan Zone" elsewhere. Again… stay tuned!

What sort of food & drink options will we find inside the venue?

There is a small bar at the Aula Magna which serves beer and soft drinks, and a limited range of snacks. The Web Portugal will try to secure a few 'pop-up' options outside the venue, nearer the time.

Should I bring my family and make a holiday of it?

Absolutely! There's plenty to see and do in Lisbon alone but if you can stay a little longer do consider spending some time in magical Sintra (less than a one-hour drive from Lisbon) or going to charming Porto for a few days.


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